Introducing T-OCD! (OCD Subtypes and Not Fitting in Them)

As someone who has OCD, I recognize the importance of classifying OCD symptoms. It makes it easier to educate professionals (and advocates), and makes it easier to find people who have the same OCD sub-type you do.

HOWEVER, the form of OCD I identify with the most doesn’t have a name.

I have sexual obsessions.

But they’re not about the same sex, they’re not about children, and they’re not about animals. I have obsessions about therapist figures in my life.

Usually middle-aged, male therapist figures.

So, completely opposite from the sexual obsession acronyms we’re used to.

THEREFORE, today I introduce to you a brand new OCD sub-type, Therapist OCD (TOCD)!


Ah. I finally feel like I belong in the OCD world. I’m going to call the IOCDF right now to initiate this.

YOU can qualify to have TOCD too, if you have any of the following:

  • Obsessions about your mental health professional
  • Obsessions about your doctor
  • Obsessions about other doctors and other mental health professionals

What if you have one of these things and not the other? What if you have harm thoughts with sexual obsessions? What if it’s one or the other? What if you have thoughts about a therapist-like figure in your life who is not licensed?

You lose. Go back to OCD limbo.

If you’re taking this seriously, you’re missing the point.

When I say OCD comes in all shapes and sizes, I mean OCD really does come in all shapes and sizes. OCD is different for everyone.

Sometimes we don’t fit exactly into one OCD sub-type. And that’s okay. That doesn’t mean you have any less OCD than anybody else.

Some OCD symptoms fit into multiple sub-types. For instance, my sexual obsessions also leak into my religious obsessions because I fear if I act on a thought, I’ll go to hell.

This doesn’t mean I need to go off and make Sexual Scrupulosity. OCD is sneaky. It will sneak into any area of your life, even ones that have never been mentioned to any therapist before. (I put it that way because even if there’s no literature on it, there’s a good chance that someone has had that symptom).

To explain OCD symptoms, I like to give the example of windows. People who have OCD commonly have obsessions about germs, order, and harm. And people who have OCD commonly have compulsions involving hand washing, straightening, and avoiding knives. However, people who have OCD can have symptoms about anything! Including seemingly harmless things like plates, chairs, and windows!

You may be thinking, “How could someone be afraid of a window?!”

But OCD is a master of fear. It can get you to fear anything. I am convinced of this.

My OCD symptoms around therapists and professional figures may be uncommon, but it doesn’t make it any less OCD.

OCD is comprised of two things. Obsessions and compulsions. If you have those two things (and it significantly effects your life), you have OCD. Regardless of the theme, sub-type, or lack thereof.

In that way, OCD is the same for everyone. Same formula, different variables.


Formula: O + C = D

If “O” represents obsessions and “C” represents compulsions,

“O” plus “C” always equals “D”.

So it doesn’t matter if you plug in dirt, harm, or symmetry for O.  It doesn’t matter if you plug in hand washing, straightening, or avoiding knives for C. It always equals D.

Ugh, algebra. I have a headache.

But do you see what I’m saying? You don’t have to fit in to an OCD sub-type to have OCD. Even the most severe cases of OCD may not fit into a sub-type. Anyone who tells you otherwise either does not understand OCD or is incredibly superficial.

Don’t feel left out if you have an uncommon obsession like I do. It’s my guess that most people who have had OCD for a long time has also recognized an obsession that doesn’t really fit anywhere.

If you have an obsession or compulsion that you can’t place into a sub-type, please comment it below! I know people who have struggled with this with be grateful to see it. 🙂 At least, I know I will be!

Have a nice day everyone and do your exposures! 😛


By the way, this post is coincidentally timed to be on #WeirdThoughtsThursday. Weird Thoughts Thursday is a hashtag I started for us to share our weird or scary thoughts. They can be intrusive thoughts or just random! If you have a Twitter, join us every Thursday to reduce the stigma around weird thoughts. My twitter is @thekatway. If you don’t have a Twitter, feel free to start a #WeirdThoughtsThursday on your favorite social media site.

Since starting Weird Thoughts Thursday, I’ve gotten messages saying it’s helped OCD sufferers take power away from their intrusive thoughts. This was it’s mission to begin with and why I’ve continued doing it every week (except when I forgot)! Being able to laugh at OCD has been a big part of my recovery and I want to extend that to you all too.

If you know people with OCD, whether you have it or not, initiate a Weird Thoughts Thursday with them. You’d be surprised at how amazed a sufferer can be when they find out they’re not alone.


8 thoughts on “Introducing T-OCD! (OCD Subtypes and Not Fitting in Them)

  1. Hmm some of my obsessions that don’t fit into the typical categories
    -fear of dehydrating and dying (D-ocd??)
    -fear of suffocating in many different impossible ways (S-ocd??)
    -any lines I draw must end trailing in an upward direction or I’ll die (ALIDMETIAUDOID-OCD)


    1. I literally LOLed at your acronyms haha! ALIDMETIAUDOID-OCD definitely needs an acronym. How has no one thought of that one before?? Lol 😀
      However, I’m not laughing at those obsessions, they sound scary! I’m glad you’ve posted them anyway though. 🙂 I’ve found when I talk about even my weirdest/scariest ones someone always comes out of the woodwork saying they have the same one. That tends to take away the fear a little bit!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Exactly right Kat! O+C always equals D, and I think you can have strange compulsions too.

    My weirdest obsession (no subtype) was a fear that my mother might have been a vampire. I had an image of that in my mind for months. I avoided vampire movies. I reassured myself they didn’t exist. I was pretty young, like 11? It was my first episode of OCD. I call it Monster OCD, another new subtype for the IOCDF! I kind of laugh now but it was upsetting for me at the time.


    1. Strange compulsions definitely happen too! I don’t know why I couldn’t think of any for my post. Now I can think of some. Like needing to choose a the “right” item, leading me to repeat every movement I made to get the first item, in order to put back that item. Then get a new one. Aww, I’m sorry 11 year old you had to go through that! That sounds awful. I’ve looked back at obsessions I’ve had as a child and laughed too, but I know back then it was really scary.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ugh compulsions are sooo annoying! Sorry to hear of yours. I have this weird one where if I think something might be poisonous or make my kids sick I have to lick it to test it…ew!!!! So strange. But you know, my kids lick stuff all the time. So it kind of makes sense…not really. Haha. Well I’m looking forward to weird thoughts Thursday if I’m awake for it! Or has it happened already? I’ll look forward to the next one!


      2. Eeek! That sounds awful, I’m sorry! Compulsions are the worst. I’m sure your kids don’t mind though. They just think you’re joining in on the fun! Weird thoughts Thursday is happening now in the US, but you can do weird thoughts Thursday when you feel that it’s Thursday! Weird thoughts Thursday isn’t really a time, it’s in your heart!<3 🙂 (That was cheesy, lol! But gets my point across!)

        Liked by 1 person

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